Help African Children Get Their Own Homes

Donation : $78,354 / $1,26,500

Improve living style of people, who are affected by several health issues & poverty and unable to come out this situation.

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Make Girls Educated To Aid Them Earn Reputed Position

Donation : $78,354 / $1,26,500

Give an opportunity to girls to become educated, so that, they can stand with boys and get a self exposure worldwide.

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Help us to send Vegetables to Africa

Donation : $78,354 / $1,26,500

You can offer your support by sending vegetables that we can further send to these children in Africa

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Change Life of Underprivileged African Children

Donate for all poor communities without any constraint of religion or caste by raising fund for medical care, education, shelter and nutrition. You may also take initiate to sponsor a child to make his/her life normal and cheerful that every child owns the right.

Contribute Your Best To Execute Program

Think big to help the non-profit and charitable organizations to support maximum poor communities.

Donation Drive For Africans’ Goodwill

Support together to give a new start to the communities of poor people and bring them out from economically challenging phase .

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How you can help ? See Below

Media HelpMedia Helping

Donate money anywhere & anytime to offer help in Africans through different medias.

Become VolunteerBecome Volunteer

Take initiate to become a volunteer and help those people, who do not have any hope for good living.

Send DonationSend Donation

Choose any medium either offline or online to send donation and aid NGOs to support people who are facing poverty.

Fund raising initiatives

03 DEC 2013 Posted In : category

Last month, fund raising initiatives were taken up and drives were launched to attract donations for the education of the underprivileged children. Many people participated in the event donated their heart out. We assure our sponsors and contributors that the money will surely bring a great difference in the lives of these children.


Fundraising for African unprivileged children

03 DEC 2013 Posted In : category

We have been raising funds with great difficulty for the work that this charity does in Africa. We work in rural communities in Eastern Nigeria and other parts and provide funding for widows to build businesses in order for them to help themselves and stimulate the local economy.


Spread the awareness of helping people, so that they can live a normal life in the society and educate their children that everyone deserves.

What Donation Holders say

  • Thanks to Charity for giving me such an inspiration to support poor people. Your innovative fundraising ideas can prove to be fruitful for personal causes. This way, I can put smile on face of at least one child.

    Jhon doe  (New media of Marketing firm)
  • I have worked closely with Charity, it provide me an opportunity to become a volunteer and support poor communities. Your fundraising drive is awesome to raise fund, which is used to meet diverse needs of underprivileged children like providing them shelter, education, nutrition and medical care.

    Adam John (New media of Marketing firm)
  • It has been a pleasure working with one of the best NGOs that is renowned to raise fund, fundraising drive and donation programs executed by team of volunteer to make Africans’ complicated life cheerful especially children, who are suffering with lack of nutrition and medical care.

    Shen Thomas (New media of Marketing firm)